LC dive team members have literally “jumped ship,” with the number of competing divers plummeting to a scarce few.

    Abi Mayo, sophomore, is one of the only competing divers for LC. When asked why so few divers returned, Mayo said, “I think that so few people have returned to the dive team because they are focused on other things. I think that many new people haven’t joined because it is such an unpopular sport. Also, all the seniors from last year have graduated and that is also why we have so few divers.”

   Mayo works hard at diving and at staying motivated to do well when she is the only diver for LC. “My favorite part about diving is probably learning new dives. I love the feeling of satisfaction when I finally get a new dive that I have been working on for a long time. The way I stay motivated is by thinking about how I want to place well at state and that won’t come without a lot of hardworking so I have to stay motivated. The rest of the swim team and all my friends on and off the swim team are very supportive of diving and that makes it all the more enjoyable.” LC is sure to expect great things to come from diver Abi Mayo.