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Starbucks Power


by Andrew Conticelli | LIFESTYLES WRITER

Coffee and cool. photo by S. Schripsema

Coffee and cool. photo by S. Schripsema

Every day in school students are seen with Starbucks cups in their hands.  A lot of the students who have Starbucks coffee love the Starbucks life style altogether.  However, to some students having a Starbucks coffee in hand means more than just drinking coffee.

Coffee is popular among students all across the United States especially from Starbucks because of the image Starbucks portrays, an individual who is on the move trying to be beneficial in his or her community.  Regular customers seem to be interested in the new cup products because having a Starbucks brand product gives the individual a sense of status in their community.  Even if Starbucks coffee is not in the individual’s Starbucks cup, the individual still feels powerful.  Senior Hayden Caldes said, “I have to drink coffee every morning. It keeps my mind sharp. And Starbucks has strong coffees that give me the needed dose of caffeine for my day.”

“Having a cup of Starbucks coffee in my hand makes me feel smarter,” said junior Frank Montoya.  Many high school students relate drinking coffee to being more mature and speeding up the process of becoming a college student.

Starbucks cups and merchandise have a clean feel with simple, but classic designs imprinted on the products.   Senior

More done today than expected. photo by S. Schripsema

More done today than expected. photo by S. Schripsema

Dylan Sainz said, “I love Starbucks coffee, but having a Starbucks cup in my hand makes people feel comfortable around me because the Starbucks life style is a life style the majority of people know.” Students seem to agree that Starbucks is popular and some students seem to love Starbucks and appreciate the name in unique ways, giving the individual a sense of status, a sense of power, and an overall sense of professionalism.

With all of the information about how Starbucks makes individuals feel better about themselves, coffee is also beneficial to an individual’s health.

According to Donald Hensrud, M.D. with the Mayo Clinic, “Studies have shown that coffee may have health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease…it also appears to improve cognitive function and decrease the risk of depression.”  For students, these last two benefits are huge.  This fact solidifies coffee drinkers’ attitudes towards drinking coffee daily.  Teacher Marcella Garduno said, “Coffee can result in better performance if individuals use it for a purpose.  Students who drink coffee in my class seem to be more focused and get work turned in early.”



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