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Superfoods to the Rescue


Megan Whitehouse | OPINIONS WRITER

Forget the boring same old same old when it comes to health food! It’s time to transform your pantry and fridge with modern super foods packed full of vitamins and nutrients that, according to the experts, will leave you with shiny hair, clear skin, and better moods!

Dylan Sather, sophomore wrestler, said “70% of muscle is made in the kitchen, not in the weight room.” And according to Miriam E. Nelse PhD at WebMD consuming protein assists in gaining muscle mass.

So start making gains with coconut flour. It contains the highest protein content than any other flour. Nelse also says, it has a fatty acid which promotes glowing skin so simply substitute your regular bleached flour with an equal amount of coconut flower and reap the benefits.

According to Lexi Petronis at Glamour magazine, forget kale and make room for dandelion greens. These greens are a wonderful source of vitamin A, K, and C which will give you silky and shiny hair. Try them paired with a sweet vinaigrette and eat them as a salad.

Black rice is the new quinoa. According to the Whole Grains Council black rice contains antioxidants six times higher than brown or white rice! It’s exactly what we’re used to but with heart perks!

Who needs dieting when we have tasty foods with benefits to eat? Indulge with these 2015 superfoods!


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