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We Have a Hockey Team? La Cueva’s Hidden Hockey Team


Clayton Habing| Sports Editor

Hockey? At La Cueva? Yes, it’s true. La Cueva has had a hockey team for many years and even won state in 2005 and also was in the pure state championship in 2011. La Cueva is currently playing in the NMIIHL. Since hockey is not the most popular sport in New Mexico, the NMIIHL has teams from Texas and Colorado to help fill slots. This wasn’t always the case however; in 2011 the league saw its first out of state team, El Paseo. This year the NMIIHL added multiple teams from other states; Odessa, Texas; Amarillo, Texas; and Durango, Colorado.

This year, La Cueva is standing in the middle of the pack during week nine in sixth place out of eleven. La Cueva features talents from all over Albuquerque including Matthew Key, Senior, from Eldorado, William Holeman, Junior, from the Albuquerque Academy, and Tomas Gallegos, Senior, of St. Pius. This is due to the lack of hockey players in not only the La Cueva district, but in Albuquerque in general. La Cueva talents include Clayton Habing, Senior, Triton Nelson, Senior, Joseph Martin, Junior, and Alex Perry, Junior. Key leads the team in scoring with 27 points, 18 goals. The team’s highest scoring defenseman is Habing with 16 points, 8 goals. La Cueva prides itself on its 3rd period, where it is tied for 2nd place with most goals. Strong defense allows the 2nd lowest shots a game, with 24.

La Cueva hockey plays all home games at Outpost Ice Arena on Tramway. La Cueva is halfway through their season with State in March at Outpost as of now.


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