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Hang up for the Holidays


by Mikayla Nowell

Tis’ the season to settle down and spend quality time with family. What better way to accomplish this than gathering around, making and eating some delicious food? The problem is that families are slowly spending less and less time with each other. Because of this, places like Golden Corral and Applebee’s are now open on Thanksgiving and other holidays, replacing delicious family cooking with defrosted, franchise foods.

“Most of my family lives out of the country or in New York and we never really have time so Thanksgiving isn’t really a big deal in my family,” said Natalie Pupiales, junior.

Holidays are no longer what they used to be  simply because everyone is too busy to spend time with family.

Social media has played a huge role in this. Most teens would much rather spend their day watching a good movie on Netflix or catching up with their Twitter feed than actually sit and visit with their family.

“I will be the first to admit that I would rather lay in bed and watch Grey’s Anatomy than go downstairs and hang out with my family,” said Maggie Wilkins, senior.

Though the hype of the holidays has been huge already this year, it seems to be more about selfies taken in the middle of a pumpkin patch rather than what the holidays are actually about, spending time with family.

“People spend more time tweeting about the holidays and how much they love their family than actually enjoying them,” said Marisa Montoya, senior.

So spend more time taking delight in this holiday season rather than tweeting about it.


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