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Under Pressure is Only Logical


by Duffy

Logic? Young Sinatra? You may have heard of these names but maybe not. So who is this Logic? As an avid…or maybe even obsessive…listener of Logic, it seemed appropriate to inform students of La Cueva about this hip-hop artist who has recently released his début album Under Pressure, his similarities to trending artists, and to spark interest in who could become your next favorite rapper.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Bobby) was born in 1990 in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the youngest of his seven half siblings to parents unfortunately addicted to drugs and alcohol. At the age of 16, Bobby had dropped out of high school to pursue music and soon after deemed himself Psychological due to his belief that his music challenges the mind. He later shortened his name to Logic. Logic grew up listening to greats such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and The Temptations. That later led to the development of his following’s name The RattPack (Real All The Time) based off of the original RatPack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.). He also listened to his personal favorite hip-hop artists like Nas, Wu-tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, OutKast, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, and Drake to name a few who have influenced him and his music, and some of whom he has previously sampled on his earlier mix tapes.

As interest has grown in underground rap music, artists from Chance The Rapper to G-Eazy, Atmosphere to Immortal Technique have seemed to become stars overnight. Logic, an underground rap artist, is a prime example of this, but has conveyed his story in a more unique way than anyone of current interest. So what is it that is so special about this playlist of rap songs? The fact that it delivers something original, heartfelt, and tasteful to all lovers of music around LCHS.

Right from “press play” on whatever listening device, audiences are greeted by an upbeat track motivating listeners to follow their dreams and describing the fulfillment of making it to superstardom from Logic’s perspective. By the end of this first track we are joined by a computer generated voice, Thalia, who informs the listener about the album and its creation. All through the album individual tracks seem to stop mid-way and change tones completely, evolving the theme of the track, something accomplished rarely, or even attempted, by musical artists. The album achieves the goal of each song sounding completely different, each one being completely separate musically and lyrically which appeals to everyone. Under Pressure wins where a lot of artists lose, which is to create songs that inspire, excite, and most importantly story tell, to send a string of emotion and feeling to the listener while also exploring personal and relate-able topics.

Under Pressure separates itself in music because of its focus to simply be its own in modern music while also rooting itself properly with the origins of hip-hop/rap music. For current listeners it is obvious Logic has separated himself completely from his previous mix tapes and continues to change with every piece of work. For those who are just looking for something new, if curiosity is sparked, if your specific musical interests have made an appearance, or if boredom has struck, I strongly recommend taking a step into the Mind of Logic.



  1. Dani Varro says:

    Duffy was probably very motivated to write this.. Good job Duffy!


  2. t.dogg08 says:

    Great article I learned a lot about the topic


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