As if being a high school student isn’t chaotic enough, the new online grading website Synergy that was introduced to La Cueva High School this past summer made everything worse. La Cueva’s last online grade checking website “Jupiter Grades” seems like it is highly missed and favored over the new complicated website. Senior Cole Airheart said, “I have been using Jupiter grades for the last three years and I liked it.  It was a simple and easy way for me to check my grades, while Synergy is a difficult nightmare.”

Students don’t seem to be the only ones hating the new system.  An anonymous La Cueva teacher said, “The website won’t let me use extra credit and it always lags out.” On the other hand, La Cueva counselor Mr. Riley said, “For me, it is going well.  It was tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was is very helpful.”