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by Mikayla Nowell

Pack up your grill, pig skin, and condiments because it’s tailgating season. There truly isn’t a better way to get hyped before a game than to have a couple laughs and some good food with your friends. This is a chance for you to truly show your school spirit.

“I love going to tailgates and looking cute in my spirited apparel,” said Sadie Matteucci, sophomore.

Many La Cueva students have expressed their love for tailgating games such as corn hole, yard toss, and simply throwing the football around.

“Throwing the football, kickin’ it heavy, and spitting some mad flows is what tailgating is all about,” said Joey Rorem, senior.

Though everyone enjoys tailgating, it seemed to have slowly died down here at La Cueva. Students have expressed their love of tailgating and excitement for bringing back tradition.

“We should bring back tailgating because I liked the free food and hanging out with good people,” said Marquis Penny, junior.

La Cueva recently had their homecoming and it was a blast. There was a cupcake walk, cotton candy, Rudy’s BBQ, jumpers and much more. As a school we also raised money and clothing for Locker 505. Bringing back tailgating brought our school together and brought more students to the game.

So grab a couple of friends and come out to the next tailgate to have a blast. Don’t forget your spirit!


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  1. t.dogg08 says:

    Tailgating is one of my favorite parts of football. So much fun to be around family and friends, also great way to get ready to watch the game!


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