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Doing Homecoming the Right Way


by Andrew Conticelli

Homecoming sometimes can be very stressful and nerve-wracking, but here is some handy advice from upperclassmen at La Cueva who have gone to homecoming over the years and learned the tricks:

  • Find an affordable, stylish outfit. Go either to Mr. Tux or Dillard’s.
  • Pick somewhere convenient to eat. Relatively close places are Trombino’s, Macaroni Grill, Elephant Bar and Santiago’s.
  • Take pictures for homecoming in a good location. Good places are Abq Uptown, Tanoan Country Club and the Tram.

“Abq uptown is a great place to take pictures because of the beautiful backgrounds around every store,” says Dylan Sainz, senior. “The top of the tram is also a great place to take pictures if you have enough time,” says Dominic Maestas, also a senior at La Cueva.  When it comes to renting tuxedos, the best and cheapest place to go is Mr. Tux. Brock Perrin, a senior at La Cueva says, “I got a matching vest and tie at Mr. Tux for only $45 dollars!” There it is folks:  spend your money wisely, spend your time wisely and have a fun, safe homecoming night.


1 Comment

  1. t.dogg08 says:

    Homecoming was so much fun. I’ll try to remember some of these tips for next year!


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