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The Life of an Athlete Off-Season


by Riley Cook

The struggle athletes face today is developing the strength they need for tomorrow. The art of ‘conditioning’ is simply defined as “to train or accustom someone or something; someone guiding and leading to a higher level of success” (Dictionary.com). Every athlete has experience and knows that it is challenging to stop playing after the season ends and begin playing when the season starts. Athletes must have a method of training to keep them in their athletic prime, even between seasons.

Photo by Christine Harris.

Photo by Christine Harris.

Dedication and motivation are the keys to practicing; the more a person practices, the better he or she will get. In every sport, the competitors never stop working or gaining skills to improve. Conditioning will help them stay on track and focus on what’s coming next. The love and motivation the sport gives these individuals raises their level of intensity to strive to get better. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”   –Zig Zagler


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  1. t.dogg08 says:

    Although conditioning isn’t my favorite part of playing sports, it really benefits all athletes


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