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Leadership Opening up Bright Futures


by Andrew Conticelli

“Not everyone is born a leader,” says 1st Sergeant Griego who heads the ROTC Marine program here at La Cueva High School.  “Producing individuals who go out into the world to be contributing members of society is key,” he says of the class, which has a reputation over the years for instilling leadership traits into cadets.

Every day in ROTC class, cadets turn out in uniforms or check dress code and haircuts.  There are many, different positions in ROTC, and cadets earn each promotion by hard work and respect.  The ROTC program is not just a program; it is “family” that spends ample amounts of time making themselves better for the near future.

Marines Griego

1st Sgt. Griego gets the job done! Photo by Andrew Conticelli



1 Comment

  1. t.dogg08 says:

    The ROTC program is very cool. I have a lot of respect for all those students who one day want to join the military


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