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The Band Halftime Show


By Rachel Habing

The La Cueva band puts on a halftime show at home football games. The show is titled “Clockworks” and features the songs “Clocks” by Coldplay, “Time” by Pink Floyd, and the La Cueva fight song. There are a total of 112 people who participate in the halftime show. Megan Rivera, a sophomore at La Cueva, does the show and says, “I really enjoy it. It’s super fun!” Christopher Barnes, sophomore, also does the show and says, “It’s pretty fun.” Along with doing the halftime show, the band also participates in competitions. The LCHS band will be participating in the Pageant of Bands on October 11thand the Zia Marching Band Fiesta on October 18th at UNM.





  1. Justine Alires says:

    I always enjoy watching the band at the games they are really entertaining and know how to put on a show.


  2. Ellie Redmond says:

    I love how these two great songs are incorporated into the halftime show! It sounds super neat!


  3. Jacquelyn mcrae says:

    I’ve personally witnessed the band perform at half time and their intricate choreography amazed me. I really enjoyed watching them and was mind blown by how much work it must have taken to get everything that precise. Well done.


  4. Lindsay Lyons says:

    I’ve heard the band practicing “Clockworks” and it sounds great. I am really excited to see everything come together at the football games. Good luck!


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