A bomb threat was emailed to new Principal, Dana Richardson, on Thursday afternoon, and all of La Cueva’s after school population was evacuated.  However, APS seems to be silent.  The school was not canceled the next day amid concerns from students about what exactly is being done.

After school, an emergency announcement was made over the intercom forcing evacuation and moving 150 students to the First Methodist Church parking lot across from the front of the school. Students and the La Cueva community are hearing that the situation is being investigated by police.  If caught, the person who sent the bomb threat “may face felony charges.”   It seems little is being done and few people care. “No, it didn’t affect me. Stuff like this happens every year,” says Jamie Wiggins, sophomore. With limited information about the details of a further investigation, and the message that “if” the person is caught we “may” see felony charges applied, many are questioning was a big enough deal made? Raquel Romero, a cross-country runner, claims “The cops wouldn’t let us get our cars and stuff, so we had to camp out on Barstow.”

Silence about the next steps for investigators, and school not canceled, is La Cueva safe, or overlooked? As kids progressively react with more neutrality to situations like this, La Cueva’s safety is being questioned by students.