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X-cellent APS


by: Luke Soule

Three APS teachers spoke at a national conference Friday to help discuss the future of education in not only New Mexico, but the entire United States.
Jeff Tuttle, Maria Venegas, and Kevin Grant gave less than nine-minute talks about their ideas for the future of education at the African-American Performing Arts Center on Friday. Each teacher is an active APS employing, and each have won praise and accolades for their accomplishments in education.
“I spoke about the emphasis our country is making on the system of education, and the mistake we make in doing so. Standardized tests and formulas for objectifying subjective matters are a distraction from developing students and teachers as people,” said Jeff Tuttle, a 2013 Golden Apple award winner and speaker at the event, “Finland and other countries that are leading the way in education are developing highly qualified people as teachers, and reducing pupil teacher ratio to have quality conversations.”
Tuttle found out about the event through the parent of one of his students, who works at TEDx. He was recommend and submitted two talk ideas, one being chosen. Tuttle was one of the 17 selected from a group of 64 submissions. “TED talks are a positive idea, and people here who are advancing such conversations, such as the organizers of this event, have given quite a gift to the entire community. The opportunity allowed me a forum to test some ideas in public, and to try something new. I believe what I’m saying, and hope to help improve education.”
TEDxABQED is “collaboration among dedicated, passionate, and creative educators, parents, students, legislators, policy-makers, business owners and foundations to expand the definition and horizons of successful learners in New Mexico,” As stated by, an international program where speakers from around the world share their ideas about anything, from anthropology to how to save the planet. The site posts videos from stages all around the world into a concise, user-friendly interface that has gotten the site millions of views and over 1,400 videos available.
For more information, view the events website: For more information of TED and the conferences they put on around the world, go to


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