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From Marching Band to Football


by : Michaela Yancey

Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to sleep. Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to sleep. Being a teenager is an endless cycle of hard work and sleep deprivation that can really suck the life out of you. However, one teenager goes above and beyond, with a schedule that would make even the busiest person cringe a little.
Michael Volveris’s schedule at the beginning of the year looked something like this: wake-up, go to zero hour, go to school, go to football practice, go to stadium rehearsal, do homework, sleep. This La Cueva high school senior did something that no one could imagine: He was on the varsity football team and in marching band.
Mikey V., as his marching band friends adoringly call him, has a cram-packed day during marching and football season. It consists of early morning zero-hour band, football practices and games, and after-school band rehearsals and competitions.
In the band, Mikey plays the clarinet. Last year he earned the role of section leader, and his positive and charismatic influence brings a special something to the group. ”One of my favorite memories of high school would be doing my first show,” he says. But, there’s also football to think about.
During football season, Mikey takes a break from playing pep tunes in the crowd to be a part of the main event. Another one of his favorite memories of high school has been, “suiting up for my first football game.” Even though he’s on the field, the band supports him by cheering for him at the top of their lungs.
Not only does this ambitious teenager have to budget his time between band and football, but he is also taking three AP classes. Three. “The worst part of it would probably be managing time well,” he admits. And no one can blame him with that many activities.
Even though Mikey spends the majority of his time on school and extra-curricular activities, he still manages to be a funny, well natured person. Gabby Strunk, a junior who has known Mikey for three years, thinks of him as a sweet, thoughtful and dedicated individual.
Matt Nufer, who has been friends with Mikey for seven years, says, “He’s a naturally funny guy.” Even Andrew Jeon, a freshman who has just gotten to know Mikey this year, admires how cool the comical senior is, but that he’s not too cool to talk to freshmen.
After football and marching season ends the activities continue. In the off-season Mikey plays Ultimate Frisbee and Baseball and he currently made Wind Ensemble, La Cueva’s top concert band. Is there anything this guy can’t do?
Michael Volveris may be the busiest person ever, but he finds time to put his best into everything that he does and manages to be a hilarious and kind guy while doing it.


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