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Here Come The Bears of La Cueva High


By Maddie Redmond

Football season is finally here!  With a tough battle in the semi-finals at State last year against Cleveland, La Cueva’s Varsity team came up short.  This year’s team is looking to go above and beyond to win the 5A State Title.  With practices before school some days, 7th period study time, as well as practice after school, this team seems to be doing everything it can to achieve their goal.

In an interview, Coach Ed Lucero said, “We have a lot of great players, but some players to watch are Zach Silva, J.T. Boone, and Chris Thompson.”  The three are all seniors, and were a huge part of last year’s Varsity team as well.

Senior running back, Christian San Roman said, “I like it a lot [being a senior] because we’re in charge and set the tone for the team.”  Being able to teach the juniors and underclassman their skills, the seniors are a huge influence on the team.

Lucero mentioned, “We have more sophomores this year than in the past.  They will suit-out and we hope to get them some Varsity playing time.”  Sophomore Mitchell Cantwell is one of the sophomores in the starting line-up.  He played a big role in our first game against Cleveland, and La Cueva is excited to see what he has to bring to the team.

La Cueva is facing Las Cruces and Carlsbad this season, which are both tough, competitors.  The Las Cruces game will be held in Las Cruces.  The Bears beat Carlsbad last year in the first round of the playoff games.  The Carlsbad game, which is also the Homecoming game, will be at 7 p.m. on October 19 at Wilson Stadium.

There are many factors in being a successful team, such as consistency, drive, few injuries, and confidence.  Lucero stated, “We have a great chance of winning a State Championship if we stay healthy and continue to be competitive.”

Senior running back, Chris Loidolt, agreed with Lucero, “The only challenge we might have is injuries.  Our team doesn’t have a lot of depth.”  Meaning, if there are many severe injuries, the team might face trouble, due to their smaller numbers.

In addition to having strong athletes, this year’s players also excel in academics.  This year’s team has many players with 4.0 GPA’s and higher, proving that La Cueva really is the team to beat.



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  1. Justine Alires says:

    La Cueva is really the team to beat if some of our athletes can maintain a 4.0 GPA and balance sports along with it.


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