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Seafood Meets Fast Food at Local Restaurant

The lobster grinder and the clam chowder fries served at Slapfish. Photo by: Aryn Layno


Seafood meets American fast food in a new, chic restaurant. In Slapfish, a modern seafood shack, hungry customers enjoy a variety of dishes ranging from lobster taquitos to a lobster grilled cheese.

The California based restaurant opened in Holly Plaza during September of 2017. The restaurant has 20 locations, even franchising as far as South Korea.

The food took about 25 minutes to get to my table, but I was there at a non-busy work hour. There was no line to order, and the cashier was very polite. The environment of the building really represented the modern aspect of the restaurant. It had rustic wood walls and a section of bar stools as well as regular tables.

To order, grab one of their menus, made entirely of wood, and wait in line. I ordered the clam chowder fries, a diet coke, and the lobster grinder. The clam chowder fries are exactly what they sound like. A plate of fries covered in clam chowder and topped off with chopped up bacon and a sprinkle of chives. Just looking at the fries made me want to tear right in to them. The thought of combining clam chowder with American fries never crossed my mind, but was surprisingly delicious. The Lobster Grinder is a buttered roll split open and filled with lobster, crab, and shrimp. When I saw the grinder coming to my table, I was surprised. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to look. It was hard to take a bite at first because of the towering pile of lobster, but once I got that first bite, it was delicious. This was a good mix of flavor between the roll and the seafood, and the clam chowder fries were perfect on the side.

Overall, the service was nice, the food presentation was very good, and the food was delicious. I would rate this a 10/10 and am really looking forward to returning and trying the rest of their menu. This was a cool and innovative style of cuisine.



Mr. Spencer

Mr. Spencer teaching AP Environmental Science Photo:Tony Covino


Let me tell you about a teacher here at La Cueva. This man has had an impact on each and every one of his students. His name is Mr. Allen Spencer and he is a science teacher here.

I have two classes with Mr. Spencer, AP Bio and AP Environmental Science. Over the year I have talked to him about various things, such as music and sports, and he has told people some of his interests as well as parts of his past. I think that by the end of this article you will feel like you know Mr. Spencer more than you previously knew him.

Mr. Spencer is a very interesting teacher, and he makes for a great science teacher as you can tell that he really does love nature. In his room he keeps two axolotls as well as two fish tanks. Along with these underwater creatures he also has a pet snake that he likes to bring out.

“I remember I got bit right in the face by my other snake,” Mr. Spencer told us. “He got me just below my left eye. I had bite marks all over my face and blood was coming down my face.” There was another time when the snake got out and was found by the janitors roaming the school.

Another time he told us about when the snake died. “I’m not a really great pet keeper,” he said jokingly. He then explained to us that the snake died due to him forgetting to feed it.

One day we began talking about his favorite bands. “The one band I definitely don’t like are the Beatles,” Spencer said. If you ever have had, or are going to have, a class with Mr. Spencer, then you will quickly know that he loves rock-n-roll music. He’s always playing it in the class when we have work days.

Another thing about Mr. Spencer that you may not know is that he is a big hockey fan. One day I asked him, “So, Mr. Spencer, have you been keeping up with the NBA playoffs?” To which he replied, “ No, I only keep up with hockey.”

“So not even baseball? What about football?”

“No, I just do hockey,” he said.

Through my year of having Mr. Spencer I have found out a lot about him. He’s a very interesting person that’s definitely worth getting to know. I think we need more teachers like Mr. Spencer because of the enthusiasm he has for the subject that he teaches.

Ms. Page and the Opportunity of a Lifetime


It’s never too late to say thank you. In sign language, it’s like blowing a kiss. Photo: Pinterest

Nervous and shaky I stand in front of the judges. I fearfully look around. A smile from my mom and a supportive thumbs up from Ms. Page. I perform with my heart racing and my hands shaking as I sign each word closer to the end. I finish, afraid it wasn’t good enough.

I look around for approval: a beautiful smile and an energetic thumbs up from my mom, a thumbs up and small smiles from other parents, teachers, and students. From Ms.Page a look of “You did it!” in her eyes and a bright smile. After listening to the judges, anxiety sets in, the stage is broken down, and the performance is over. I sit in the audience, and people congratulate me.

I don’t feel as proud as I thought I would. I sit and watch my computer. Ms. Page sits next to me and tells me good job, but we can work on it. I didn’t feel bad. I didn’t feel as if she was judging me, but trying to help me improve.

I ended up winning and performed again. This time was worse. I got scared and forgot a bunch of my script, but I made it. I found out that I was going to D.C. I wasn’t able to find my teacher at the awards ceremony, so I sat with my family.

When the informer said that chaperones were needed and assigned, I worried I was the only competitor from La Cueva. I would be all alone with a bunch of strangers. I look at the list of chaperones and see her name…Ms. Page. I text her, “mrs. page is there anyway u can be my chaperone“ A few moments later, she texts back “i already took care of it babygirl” I smiled, and ever since then, she has pulled me under her wing.

Thank you, Ms. Page for helping me with this amazing opportunity. Even though I am not from your school and we haven’t talked in a while, I wouldn’t be here without you.

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