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DACA officially removed

Gabe Lozano | Staff Writer

President Donald Trump officially removes the DACA program for non legal immigrants currently living in the United States. On September 5th 2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially announced the cancellation of Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which benefits many non legal immigrants currently living in the United States that came at a very  young age are currently working and contributing and pursuing their dreams and protection from fear of deportation. Many of these undocumented immigrants could be attending our school right now as they are trying to pursue their dreams.

Starting September 5th the department of homeland security will no longer be accepting applications for DACA. Current DACA applicants who are on the verge to expire by march 5th of 2018 must renew by October 5th 2017 in order to keep their DACA benefits until the year 2020. Although there is a six month policy for reconsideration.

”What we need to do is we need immigration reform,” said Lansing Freeman, history teacher at La Cueva. “Congress needs to step up and find a solution, not only for eight hundred thousand dreamers, but also for the millions and millions of undocumented people that are here.”

It is very frightening not to know what will happen next for our undocumented neighbors who have been leading relatively normal lives alongside everyone else, especially for our students. Freeman also said,  “Saying everybody out is not a solution. Saying everybody in is not a solution. Congress needs to work and find a solution.” Now that DACA has officially been stopped, only time will tell what will happen next as the fight goes on for the fate and future of our undocumented immigrants.



New Activities Director


(from left) Taysear Ali, student body president, Lacee Manus, activities director and DECA faculty, and Katelyn Stidworthy, student body 2nd VP, lead LCHS students and teachers in a US History trivia relay during the Fall Sports Assembly on September 11th. Under Manus’s leadership, the assembly paid tribute to first responders, celebrated USA spirit, and hosted a collection for Hurricane Harvey relief.

This year one of our DECA teachers at La Cueva, Lacee Manus, took on the job of activities director. But, why did she do it? What is she going to do differently for our school? And how are students liking this year’s activities in comparison to last year’s?

Many of us know Mrs. Manus as the person who runs the pizza window or the DECA snack bar at lunch, but now we also will know her as the person in charge of the school’s activities. Manus said she is, “…excited to work with La Cueva this year to help the students bring back school spirit and get our students more excited to be here.”

One of her goals is to reach out to everyone (different groups) at La Cueva and get everyone involved in school activities. She wants La Cueva students to be one unit rather than divided up into groups. Manus feels that so far they “are doing a great job at homecoming with different activities and bringing back the spirit.” She said she’s “super tired” from all the homecoming preparations, but knows she’s going to love being the new activities director.

As activities director, Manus is now in charge of all the school dances and the activities that go along with them. She is also responsible for community service projects and graduation. She hopes that for one of this year’s community service projects LCHS can work with a specific high school in the Houston area that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey to help get them through the year.

Now that we’ve heard Manus’ goals for La Cueva this year, what do the students think? Did this year’s back to school assembly include all the different groups of people at La Cueva? Did this past week (homecoming week) bring back the spirit we’ve all been hoping for?

Junior students Jacob Knighton and Taryn Roe both agree that Mrs. Manus is doing a great job. “I think she’s done an amazing job bringing back school spirit and making it not just about athletics, but all activities,” Knighton said. Roe agreed. “I think there definitely was a lot of school spirit this week and a lot of people have mentioned it to me. A lot of people were involved and the hype was awesome.”

We are all really excited about the new school year and are all looking forward to what Mrs. Manus has in store.

Environmental Club


Members of the Environmental Club take out the recycling. Photo Credit to Douglas Mattson

Proposing ideas for new recycling options, cleaner water, going solar, and protecting New Mexico’s natural beauties is what one of La Cueva’s newest clubs is all about. After 32 years, La Cueva has taken the next step in going green. Whether you’re a tree hugging hippie, big game hunter, vegan enthusiast, or even just wanting to leave your mark on this world, the Environmental Club has a spot for you.

Ben Dallas, senior president of Environmental club, said, “As an environmentalist, I believe partial reformative actions need to be made to society in order to protect our environment.” He continued, “It is also crucial for people to care about what is happening to the environment before anything can be done to truly protect it.”

Environmental club is all about transforming La Cueva into an eco-friendly school so that students can see how they are affecting the world around them. Even if you are just converting to solar power or making the switch to reusable water bottles, you are helping contribute to a greener and healthier world. Amy Baca, a sophomore member of the environmental club, took a drink from her glass water bottle and said, “We want you to make a change one plastic bottle at a time.”

“I consider myself an earthist,” said Lilah Schlessinger, sophomore vice president, in a text with a laughing emoji complementing it.  “I think that people have gotten so much from this planet and its animals that the very least we can do is try to protect what’s left of it.”